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European capital single market, as desired by Macron: it is time for fear




French Head of State Emmanuel Macron spoke out on Twitter yesterday in favor of better financing the green and digital transition, national defense, and economic security by mobilizing and freeing up savings in Europe.

In a short tweet posted on April 18, 2024, the president stressed the need to create a “Savings and Investment union” but did not provide further details on what this would entail.


To finance the green and digital transition, our defense capabilities, and our economic security, we need to mobilize and free up our savings in Europe.

This is the purpose of the Savings and Investment Union we need to build.

Obviosity is one sense of freedom, in the direction desired by Macron.

A response to several contemporary crises with citizens’ savings

According to President Macron, this new kind of financial mobilization is necessary to respond to several major challenges of our time.

He refers first to the green transition and the digital transition, two important trends that require massive investment. Whether it is financing renewable energy projects, energy renovation or the development of new technologies, the savings of Europeans could play a key role.

The financing of our defense capabilities was also discussed. At a time when international tensions are rising and NATO seems to be in transition, financing the military is a growing concern for several European countries.

In short, for Macron, money needs to be “Freed” from what are evidently the shackles of your bank account, where, poor thing, it is a prisoner, so that it can be released and thus be spent for good. That, of course, is defined by him and his environmental and foreign policies.

Freedom of movement of capital, but only in his interest

Obviously, Macron does not want absolute freedom of movement of capital; if it existed, money would move to where it yields the most, leaving European shores. What Macron wants is the freedom that sheep enjoy when they leave the barn, that is, the freedom to follow the shepherd, commanded, perhaps taken to where they will be sheared or slaughtered.

If capital were truly free, it would invest in that combination of risk and return that is most convenient; it would be enough if the investments related to alternative energy, defense, and so on were more convenient, from the point of view of this combination, than the others. In the end, these are free-market choices that should be up to the people.
Unfortunately, the free market is not what the European elites want. Those just want you to throw money at their toys, from electric cars to weapons. You have no right to spend or invest even your own money freely

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