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Record in France, but of bankrupcies



France is not doing too well. Despite everything Macron says about the country’s development,. Despite him showing a grandeur that harkens back to other times, the economic situation is not good.
Confirming this is a graph from the Banque de France that shows the trend of French corporate bankruptcies net of microenterprises, so considering only companies from small to large, we are at the highest since the great crisis. As Marc Touati reports

The previous record has been broken, and we are probably at the absolute record for bankruptcies. The situation would be tragic, and it is evident why there is considerable discontent in the country, with demonstrations by farmers and political opposition peaking and overtaking the governing parties.

After all, French economic growth is really down to the nitty-gritty, at the lowest

In this situation, the government should step in and do something serious to stimulate economic growth, including strong defiscalization and increased government spending. But French debt is already high, and now there is absolutely no question of debt in the EU.



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