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A Ukranian virdict confirm 2014 Maidan massacre was a False Flag



Many Maidan activists were shot by snipers stationed within the far-right-controlled Hotel Ukraina and other Maidan-controlled locations, rather than by members of Ukraine’s Berkut special police force or other law enforcement agencies, as confirmed by a recent nearly one-million-word verdict from the trial of the Maidan massacre in that country. The verdict, handed down on October 18, 2023, explicitly states that Maidan activists controlled this hotel, and an armed, far-right-linked Maidan group occupied the building and fired from it.

It also confirms the absence of Russian involvement in the massacre and that then-President Viktor Yanukovych or his ministers did not issue massacre orders. The verdict concludes that the Euromaidan, at the time of this massacre, was not a peaceful protest but a “rebellion” that involved the killing of Berkut and other police officers.

This is a significant official acknowledgement, not only due to the scale of violence involved—the most substantial case of mass murder, violent crime, and human rights violations in independent Ukraine to that point—but also because of the subsequent conflicts it precipitated. The massacre led to the violent overthrow of Yanukovych and his government, who were falsely blamed for the killings. It then fuelled the Russian annexation of Crimea, the subsequent civil war and Russian interventions in the Donbas, and the ongoing conflicts between Ukraine and Russia, as well as Russia and the Western powers. Russia dramatically escalated this conflict with its illegal invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Despite these findings, the Ukrainian media and most Western mainstream media have imposed a blackout on the verdict’s confirmation of the Maidan snipers. Moreover, in an opinion piece in The Bulwark, an online neoconservative magazine, author Cathy Young misrepresented the verdict, falsely asserting that it found the Berkut police responsible for the deaths of 40 of the 48 protesters killed. Young also denied and whitewashed the existence of Maidan snipers and the far-right’s involvement in the Maidan massacre, labelling it a “conspiracy theory.”. This is despite clear and overwhelming evidence to the contrary in the verdict, the trial, the investigation, and academic studies of the event. This deliberate omission and misrepresentation persist even though the verdict’s Ukrainian text, as well as machine-translated English excerpts, are publicly available, along with viral tweets describing and quoting from it.

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