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Cannabis is ready to be legalized in Germany: will it be a good decision?



The “semaphore” (socialists, greens, and liberals) coalition that governs Germany has now almost succeeded in what, this being the case,will be its main accomplishment of the legislature: the legalization of the consumption and cultivation on a craft basis of cannabis.

For months now, a polarizing and long-debated issue has been burning in this country: is it permissible to smoke pot in Germany? For many, the legalization of cannabis is now expected, while others warn of health harms. The semaphore government had even announced in the coalition agreement that it would introduce “a controlled supply of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes in licensed stores.” What followed was a tough meeting that was soon to end. D The Federal Cabinet recently announced the details of this new cannabis policy.

Legalization was originally scheduled for the end of the year 2023/2024. But the start has now been postponed. After a long struggle, in February 2024, the coalition reached an agreement on the details of cannabis legalization. “The law can then enter into force on April 1,” said the vice chairmen of the SPD, Greens, and FDP parliamentary groups responsible for drug policy on Feb. 1. You can find out what the bill includes and how you can legally smoke a joint in the future here.

Cannabis legalization in Germany: two-pillar approach planned

Cannabis legalization in Germany will begin with the so-called “two-pillar model.”

  • “Cannabis clubs” should take care of the cultivation and distribution of cannabis under government control, but cultivation should also be allowed at home. Up to three cannabis plants will be allowed for DIY cultivation. Sales through stores are planned for now only in so-called model regions. So it will not be a complete liberalization, but sales will take place in a strictly controlled manner, for example, in pharmacies.
  • For young adults, however, there should be lower delivery amounts and lower THC levels. In addition, so-called “protection zones” that prohibit consumption in front of certain sensitive places, i.e., within 100 meters of schools, for example, will have to be established. Students at least will have to take a few steps to buy the “joint”.

Legalization of cannabis in Germany: when?

“When will ‘Bubatz’ (cannabis) become legal?” is the question in the jargon of the scene: the cannabis legalization bill has been approved by the government. The legalization date is expected to be in early April. Cannabis clubs are expected to spring up by July 1, which should take care of cultivation and distribution

Interior ministers are not happy

However, the interior ministers of the various German federal states are not happy; they touch the situation with their own hands. In their opinion, crime will not come down with the legalization of cannabis. On the contrary, in the first months, when consumption will be more legal but production will not yet be there, there is a distinct possibility that the market will be taken over by organized crime gangs.


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