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Elections: revolution in Portugal, stability in Italy




Voting Sunday in Portugal, where votes were being cast for national general elections after the fall of the socialist government, and in Italy, where, at a delicate time, votes were being cast for the governor and government of the Abruzzo region in central Italy, previously ruled by the center-right

The results were a revolution for Portugal, where the center-right (AD+Chenga) could govern the country for the first time in 50 years. Not since the Carnation Revolution 50 years ago, in 1974, has there been a center-right government in Lisbon. Now the CDX has more votes and more seats, although 18 still need to be allocated.

As for Italy, however, stability wins. Governor Marsilio, of the center-right, is confirmed, but even this is a real small revolution because, since voting for governor in the Abruzzo region, no governor has been confirmed for the next round. The United Center’s left candidate, D’Amico, is defeated by a distance. 


The M5s sees its votes reduced, and so does the League. National leader Meloni’s FdI wins, and the PD, which sees its position strengthened in the opposition, sees Secretary Schlein receiving some oxygen from this election. The government comes out stronger, but the main opposition party also sees its leadership confirmed.

So this was a bad weekend for the European Socialists and Greens: soundly beaten in Portugal, they failed to advance in Italy, despite the fact that they all allied together, from the extreme left to liberals, in order to beat Leader Meloni’s party. They failed, though, and now they should rethink their strategy

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