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Germany: Islamists marching in Hamburg supporting Islamic State



Recently, hundreds of Islamists marched in Hamburg, Germany, in a significant event that has sparked discussions online. The march, organized by Muslim Interaktiv, was held to demand the establishment of a caliphate in the country. This group is aligned with Hizb ut Tahrir, an organization that seeks to create an international Islamic caliphate. During the march, demonstrators were seen waving copies of the Quran and displaying an extended index finger, a gesture affirming the existence of one God. The event took place on a Saturday afternoon and was part of a broader movement advocating for a society that is incompatible with Germany’s democratic institutions.


The demonstration has raised concerns among German politicians and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), as it represents a radical Islamist ideology that is actively working to undermine democracy in Germany. The presence of such a movement suggests that there is a growing and effective Islamist presence in Germany, posing a threat to the country’s democratic values and social harmony.


In response to this event, there have been various reactions on social media platforms like Twitter, with users expressing concern and alarm over the march and its implications for Germany’s future. The march and the broader Islamist movement in Germany indicate ongoing challenges in integrating diverse communities and maintaining a peaceful and democratic society.
This is the consequence of uncontrolled immigration into Germany from Islamic countries, a movement that is profoundly changing Germany’s roots. Not only that, until yesterday, groups that wanted immigration restrictions were persecuted, while Islamist groups, such as the one that organized the march, were protected.
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