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Germany: threat of attack on Cologne cathedral.



Security authorities reportedly received information about a possible plan to attack Cologne Cathedral by an Islamic group. No explosives were found in the cathedral on Saturday night. From Christmas Eve onward, worshippers must undergo security checks to gain access to Christmas celebrations.

According to information from the German newspaper Die Welt, security authorities received information about a possible plan of attack by an Islamic group against the Cologne cathedral. A possible target was also a church in Vienna, Bild reported.

Authorities announced Saturday evening that police would take special protective measures for any case in which danger was announced. The’state security agency, active in the field of politically motivated crimes, has launched an investigation. It appears that the terrorist group involved in the threats is the ISPK (Islamic State Province of Khorasan).

No explosives found

“Although the reference refers to New Year’s Eve, we will take everything into account tonight to ensure the safety of visitors to the cathedral on Christmas Eve,” said Cologne Criminal Police Chief Michael Esser. On Saturday night, the cathedral was searched with drug-sniffing dogs. However, no explosives were found, the German news agency learned Sunday morning from security circles. From Christmas Eve onward, all visitors will be screened before entering the church.

Merry Christmas in Europe of 2023!

These are the Christmas wishes that Islamic extremists send to Europe, which is open to uncontrolled immigration in 2023. When fear on the Old Continent infiltrates even religious Christmas celebrations, then it means we are truly nearing the end of European and Western culture. Yet this is not the first time Christmas celebrations have been hit in Germany: in 2016, the Christmas market in Berlin was attacked, and the perpetrator was later killed by police in Italy. In Europe, the alarm was raised as early as a few weeks ago, fortunately without consequences until now.

How did we get to this point?

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