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How did Russian spies intercept German army officials communications? The video system password was 1234



Russian spies intercepted and published in the media a group of German officers discussing how Taurus missiles, used by the Luftwaffe, could be used to destroy the Kerch Bridge connecting Crimea and Russia. The transfer of these missiles was approved by the political forces in the German government but blocked by Chancellor Scholz for now.

This is news that has embarrassed the German government to the extreme: Moscow now accuses it of planning an attack against Russian territory using Taurus missiles.

How did Russian spies penetrate the Webex-based video communications network of the defense ministry’s network? Would they have used sophisticated software? Quantum computers to overcome the protection of the Ministry of Defense’s Internet network?

The situation is much more tragic.

The German Ministry of Defense published on its website Minister Boris Pistorius’s (SPD) press release “about intercepted air communications.” It can be accessed via an Internet connection; a password is required.

The Bundeswehr website strictly states, “The Nextcloud version of the communications system is password protected.”

The password is: 1234

“Password: 1234” Are you sure it is really secure?

Photo: German Federal Ministry of Defense

So the biggest scandal in recent years, one that has embarrassed the German military, one that threatens to embarrass Germany and drag it to the brink of war, is happening because someone very smart, helpful, and active at the Ministry of Defense decided to use 1234 as the password for internal video communications. So much for ENIGMA machines!!! This is a huge, momentous propaganda victory for Russia.

As always, science fiction has surpassed science and predicted the future. In the movie Spaceballs, the planet Druidia was protected by a combination more complex than the German one: 1234… 5. !

“It is the stupidest combination I have ever heard in my life; it is a combination that an idiot would use for his suitcase.” Too bad it is also used by the president of Spaceball and by the German Ministry of Defense.

Since then, investigations have been under way to find out how the Russians got on the line, whether agents were allowed to discuss confidential details on this line, and whether the exchange conference was adequately protected. The investigations will also find out who blew up Nord Stream and, while they are at it, where the Holy Grail is and where Hitler’s Diaries went.

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