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How to solve the gender quota problem in Mexico: men self-proclaiming women




Authentic feminists, those who really want to defend women and their social role rather than tear down patriarchy, are waking up and finally understanding better than many males the devastating implications of gender theory and “sex of choice.”

Thus, the radical feminists of the Reduxx blog are now denouncing yet another deception hiding behind the usual mixture of trans ideology and idiotic progressivism. Indeed, in Mexico, as of June 6, 2019, a “gender equality law” came into effect in the context of democratic elections, called “Paridad en las candidaciones.” In any political or administrative election, “50 percent of all elective positions” must be “held by women,” according to the norm that the Mexican left has been pushing hard.

According to the website of the National Electoral Institute, the Mexican government’s anti-discrimination body, the quotas “are intended to bring about a cultural change,” with the ambition of “avoiding the predominance of one gender in the political sphere.” But those same progressive circles that in 2019, only five years ago, were committed to the protection of women in politics-and thus were in a position to say and tell us what a woman is-now in 2024 are running, according to what Nuda Muina Garda writes, “several men to run as women candidates.”

Whom, pardon the whom, will be eligible, within women’s quotas, in the “upcoming municipal elections in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí.” The Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (Pvem) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (Prd), both of which have strong progressive and secularist inclinations, are the parties that have fielded actual men among the “women candidates.”

For the Green Ecologist Party,” Reduxx continues, “José Reyes Martínez Rojas has been selected to run as a woman in Venado,” while “Roberto Carlos Medina Hernàndez will run as a woman in Vanegas and Daniel Alfonso Zavala de la Rosa is running as a woman in Villa de Arista.” If you look at the photos and profiles of these “women candidates,” you will find that they are neither trans nor effeminate and, in fact, have everything, even the appearance, of a biological male. And so, taking advantage of the progressive “equality in candidacy” law, they usurp a post and a

coveted job from a Mexican citizen, in the name of science fiction “gender self-determination.” There would be laughter if there were not a little weeping as well.
Not to be outdone by the environmentalists, the Party of the Democratic Revolution also boasts a “gender fiuid” politician in Saulo Morales Guerrero, the “female candidate in Ahualulco.” But Mr. Saulo had earlier “retired as a male candidate.” But then he “changed his gender to meet the equality guidelines.” If he had not done so, he would probably

he would not have been allowed to run “because there were already too many male candidates.”
For its part, the Consejo estatal electoral y de participación ciudadana (Ceepac), the institution in charge of organizing and evaluating electoral processes in the state of San Luis, has so far raised no objections to these faux candidacies. After all, as feminist Nuria Muina Garcia notes, male candidates running as women “have not even changed their legal names or gender.” On the contrary, “many of them have families,” beautiful and traditional ones, and “have posted photos showing their wives and children on social media.” But why officially change sex, name or dress if it is possible to mock both the distracted female universe and progressive egalitarian norms with a simple self-declaration?

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