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Last minute: Slovak Prime Minister Fico was shot.



It seems like there’s been a significant event involving Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, as he was shot after a government meeting in Handlova. Numerous news outlets have reported on this incident, which is cause for concern. The shooting took place outside the House of Culture in Handlova, and Fico was taken to the hospital following the attack. Four shots were fired and now Fico is in the hospital 
Fico was conscious when he arrived at the hospital. His condition is critical but stable, and he is now being moved to a more oranized hospital for further care. However, his life is always under threat
PM Fico’s attacker is reportedly 71-year-old writer from Levice who shot Fico with legally owned short weapon


A suspect has been detained in connection with the incident. This is a developing story, and more details are likely to emerge as the situation unfolds.

picture of the shooter’s arrest

The session of the Slovak parliament was interrupted, and prime ministers of neighboring countries expressed shock at what happened
The prime minister is the leader of the ANO formation, which is considered populist and close to Putin’s positions, and now heads a three-party coalition government. His government has changed Slovakia’s position with respect to the war in Ukraine. Not much else is known, and investigations are ongoing.

Prime minister Fico

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