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Macron names new prime minister, dreams of EU presidency, but his party is in a storm



Macronism is drowning in the convolutions of its creator. Emmanuel Macron is more than ever entangled in the “at the same time” net. Whatever theme or sector the original presidential political slogan touches, the misfires keep piling up. It’s no longer “emmerdes qui volent en escadrille,” to quote Jacques Chirac’s famous apophtegme. The squadrons are grounded for lack of a flight plan!

After the media coup of the 100 days and the convocation of political leaders for the grand mass of communication in Saint-Denis, the president is about to play the nation’s drum. The head of state promises an initiative and a speech centered on the nation. Ernest Renan would do well to keep up. Is Macron politically capable of taking up Renan’s definition? “A nation is a soul, a spiritual principle. There are two things that, to tell the truth, are one and the same.”.

New Prime Minister: the French don’t care

A new initiative to breathe new life into the country with a government reshuffle that we don’t understand is in the country’s interest. The reshuffle would be far-reaching, but the president’s course is minor. The French have problems with their purchasing power, the housing crisis, the deterioration of their public services, have never paid so much tax, are worried about their children’s future, and realize that fuel prices are higher than elsewhere in Europe… They don’t care if a new Prime Minister is installed at Matignon!
The Macronist squadrons are grounded for a lack of a flight plan! What are Macron’s economic, social, diplomatic, and political goals? A reshuffle? Does he want to embrace his left wing, now enraged by the immigration law? Or, on the contrary, to consecrate “the right line,” as former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin put it?

He could see himself as President of the European Commission

Emmanuel Macron, alone with himself, has three more years to govern. He is sculling his way through a boat with a pierced hull, constantly declaring that he can see the “promised land.”. Communication gimmicks dissipate in the thickening fog of a country losing its values and historical bearings. The tribute to Jacques Delors at Les Invalides gave the impression of a launching pad for Emmanuel Macron, who could well see himself running for the presidency of the Brussels Commission. How can he talk about the French nation when all he extols is European sovereignty?
Macronism is a dead end. The European elections will show that national rights are in a strong position. Immigration and purchasing power have become major concerns. The left has deserted the people. A good year? France is holding its breath.

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