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Massive farmers protests blocked today Berlin and the German government seems frozen



A large demonstration today in Berlin saw more than 10 thousand farmers in attendance, with at least six thousand farm vehicles blocking the city, but also showed the exasperation of the agricultural world, which sees the “traffic light” (red socialdemocratic, yellow liberals, and greens) government as disinterested in its problems, if not outright enemies. The tractor column was impressive and had popular support during the drive and demonstration


Politicians were present, but they still showed that they failed to understand the reasons for the protest and what the agricultural entrepreneurs really wanted. Their president called for the immediate cancellation of the tax increases on agricultural diesel fuel. The responses were:

  • The Minister of Agriculture, Green Cem Özdemir, also supported by several liberal politicians, proposed the “Cent Tax for Animal Welfare,” that is, an extra tax on animal products to fund animal welfare. However, a tax will come to penalize German agricultural production in favor of imported products and impose additional obligations on farmers. Just what they don’t want, but what do the politicians understand?
  • The finance minister, Liberal-Democratic Lindner, has made it clear that the tax increase on agricultural diesel will not be cancelled but that it has “bought time.” For what is not known, beyond generic words such as “Let’s lower the burdens on businesses,” although specifying that there can be no impact on state coffers and going against what his majority wants, which is more taxes,.

In the end, the very speeches of the booed politicians present explain why three out of four business owners in Germany have a negative opinion of the semaphore government. The Social Democratic, Green, and Liberal mix turned out to be just a pile of austerity, demagoguery, and bureaucratic power. If the German economy is in crisis, there is a reason.

On Saturday, January 20, however, a new demonstration has already been called. If the government thinks it can get away with a few words, it is sorely mistaken.

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