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Poverty is growing in Italy, of individuals and families. Hope falls



Italy is a country where the number of poor people is always increasing and, unfortunately, the poor are getting younger and younger. Someone is not working, but no one cares about it. 

light increase of individual and family poverty

According to preliminary estimates, in 2023, households in absolute poverty will stand at 8.5 percent of total resident households (they were 8.3 percent in 2022), corresponding to about 5.7 million individuals (9.8 percent; almost stable share compared to 9.7 percent in 2022). Also unchanged is the intensity of absolute poverty at the national level (18.2 percent).

Here is the graph, in light blue, of the individuals


The worst incidence of individual absolute poverty in the North.

In the North, where there are nearly 136,000 more poor people than in 2022, the incidence of absolute poverty at the household level is essentially stable (8.0%), while there is an increase in the individual incidence (9.0%, from 8.5% in 2022). The South also shows stable values and is higher than the other breakdowns (10.3%, from 10.7 in 2022), as well as at the individual level (12.1%, from 12.7% in 2022)

Families have a huge problem

Under-17-year-olds have an incidence of poverty danger of 14 percent; more than one in eight children suffer from problems related to a lack of economic resources. If this happens, it is because their families lack economic resources.

A problem that has been dragging on for 20 years. No one knows, or wants to find, the solution

From this chart, we can see that the problem of individual absolute poverty has been carrying on for 20 years now.

Budgetary cures, austerity, cuts, and lately inflation have devastated Italian families and individuals, including children of immigration or national origin. The years of technical governments were a disaster; in those years, the number of poor people exploded. Those who were supposed to save Italy sunk many families

What have the last 20 years of EU membership been for ? To increase the poor and nothing else. Yet no one has the courage to point this fact out and draw conclusions. Italy is doomed to destruction because no one has the courage to find new solutions.

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