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Switzerland will vote to limit immigration and population by law, with any mean



Switzerland faces a significant choice that could redefine its immigration policy. The country, known for its neutrality and for being a crossroads of different cultures and languages, is set to vote in a referendum aimed at limiting immigration. The move comes at a time when the immigration debate is particularly heated, with the right-wing party having made this issue a central part of its political agenda.

With over 114,000 signatures, the proposed referendum reflects growing concerns about the growing immigrant population in some parts of Switzerland. Switzerland, with a population of about 8.9 million people, has seen a significant increase in immigration in recent years, with a quarter of the population born abroad. This has raised questions about integration, the cost of health insurance, and the availability of jobs for Swiss citizens.

The Democratic Union of the Center, which won a victory in recent elections, has launched a campaign warning against “colonization” by foreigners and border workers. Their referendum proposal aims to ban population increases beyond 10 million, a move they say is necessary to preserve the quality of life in Switzerland. This limit should last up to 2050.

Switzerland is a mountainous country with relatively little living space, and population growth due to immigration is causing real estate prices to explode, making life very difficult for citizens. Moreover, such a small land cannot accept immigrants forever and unrestrictedly.

However, the referendum raises concerns about the relationship between Switzerland and the European Union because any approval of the initiative could jeopardize the free movement of people, a key pillar of the agreement between Switzerland and the EU. This could affect not only the labor market but also other aspects of cooperation between Switzerland and EU member countries.

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