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Terrorists attack Tesla factory in Germany: hundreds of millions in damage, Musk furious



On Tuesday, a fire at power line pylons near Tesla’s only European car factory in Grünheide disrupted the power supply to the factory and some surrounding communities. Police suspect arson with an attack of a terrorist nature.

The left-wing extremist “Vulkangruppe” claimed the attack. As a result, production was halted for a time. The automaker assumes economic damage in the “high nine-figure range.” According to the plant manager, the power supply will be interrupted for several days. It is not yet clear when production will be able to resume.

On Sunday unknown attackers had attempted to disable the rail link leading to the plant, causing a train derailment

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sharply criticized what caused the ‘production shutdown at his Brandenburg factory. “These guys are crazy in a bizarre way,” Musk told Welt. “Why would eco-terrorists burn down a substation used for electric vehicles and the general public?” The tech billionaire had previously written on his portal, “These are either the world’s dumbest eco-terrorists or they are puppets of those with no good environmental goals.”

the pylon damaged by terrorists

Who is the “Volcano Group”?


“We sabotaged Tesla today,” reads a letter from the “Vulkangruppe.” The terrorists demanded “complete destruction of the Gigafactory” and accused Tesla of “extreme exploitation conditions” and groundwater contamination. police agree that it was a terrorist act and are investigating in that direction

A “Vulkan group” was already suspected of starting an arson attack on the power grid at Tesla’s construction site in 2021. At the time, on the radical leftist website, it accused Tesla of being neither green, nor ecological, nor social. The Brandenburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which deals with terrorist activities, mentioned the letter of responsibility in its 2021 report. It further stated, “In recent years, left-wing extremists have repeatedly carried out arson attacks in Berlin as ‘volcano groups.'”

In 2013, a group calling itself “Anonymous/VVulkangruppe Katla” attacked a Vodafone radio tower in Berlin. The act is directed “against total surveillance by governments, intelligence services, and corporations, as well as against the smooth functioning of the metropolis,” a note reads. In 2018, the “Volcanic Group Tear Up NetzHerrschaft” claimed an attack on power and fiber optic cables in the capital. A pamphlet from the group reads, “The domination over people is being reorganized—through networks, algorithms, and state and corporate access—in our lives and everyday lives. Over our feelings, our thoughts, and our actions, now and in the future. And it expands deeper and deeper. We are monitored, controlled, and directed.” So we could describe it as a group of modern anti-system anarchists. which, potentially , will cause a lot of problems for tesla

So Musk learns to go to Germany and not come to Italy—or to this position.

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