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Testimonial of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games accused of anti-Semitism



New scandal in sight for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, ValeursActuelles reports. Émilie Gomis, former French basketball player and Olympic medalist who became ambassador for the upcoming global sporting event and member of its board of directors, has relayed numerous extremist messages on her social networks these last few years. It was an Internet user, “Sword Of Salomon,” who reported it on X, this Thursday, November 30. And it’s overwhelming.


“On October 9, just 2 days after the Hamas massacres, Emilie Gomis shared a post on Instagram aimed at justifying and legitimizing the horrors perpetrated, which is considered to be an apology for terrorism,” he wrote. The image represents France devoured by the Israeli flag, with this question: “What would you do in this situation?” »

Previously, the 40-year-old ex-champion involved in the associative world “liked” numerous messages from the Franco-Beninese pan-Africanist and black supremacist influencer, Kémi Séba, an agitator accustomed to violent, racialist, and anti-France diatribes, founder and leader of the Tribe Ka, a small racist and anti-Semitic group dissolved in 2006 by the Ministry of the Interior for inciting racial hatred. In one of them, he attacks the “negrophobic French media.”

In 2018, Emilie Gomis even “liked” a tweet from the racist, anti-Semitic, and conspiratorial leader of the American black and Muslim separatist organization Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, who called for “letting love be unleashed in the ghetto.” In the past, this influential preacher has mainly described Judaism as a “dirty religion,” Jews as “leeches,” white people as “blue-eyed devils,” and Adolf Hitler as a “very great man”.

“Breach of the Olympic spirit and justification of Palestinian terrorism, which has already bloodied the Munich 72 Olympic Games. Disappointing”, concludes on members and employees of Paris 2024 demonstrate loyalty and professional discretion. Without prejudice to the Paris 2024 communication policy, they respect the duty of reserve in their public expression. They refrain from any act that could harm the image or reputation of Paris 2024.”

Questioned by many Internet users, Emilie Gomis apologized this Thursday evening on her social networks in the face of the outcry. “The accusations of anti-Semitism that I face are in total contradiction with the values that were instilled in me and those that sport taught me,” she reacted. “As an athlete, I have always strived to promote inclusion, respect and tolerance. »

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