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The Netherlands also resumes relations with Niger. A slap in the face to Paris



Authorities from Niger and the Netherlands will relaunch their cooperation, suspended since the coup that toppled President Mohamed Bazoum in July 2023.

A delegation of Dutch diplomats began a working visit to Niamey April 16–19, 2024, with the aim of “renewing dialogue with the new authorities and relaunching cooperation for the benefit of the population.”

According to the National Council for the Protection of the Fatherland (CNSP), the ruling junta in Niamey, Colonel Maizama Abdoulaye, Minister of Water, Sanitation, and Environment, received the delegation led by Paul Tholen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Niger.

The two sides discussed projects in the water, sanitation and environment sectors funded by the Netherlands since 2022.

Working sessions are planned between experts from the two countries to formulate concrete proposals for the revival of previously suspended activities.

Italy has also resumed contacts. All slaps for Paris.

Several countries suspended their partnership with Niger following the July 2023 putsch. As a reciprocal measure, Niamey has denounced the military agreements linking it to some of its traditional partners, such as France and the United States.

As a result, French forces in the Sahel were ordered to leave Niger. Similarly, the end of defense agreements with Washington should lead to the withdrawal of U.S. soldiers present in the country and the handover of the 201 base in Agadez to Nigerian authorities, who have strengthened their relations with Russia.

After this first step, however, some countries, including Italy, have invited delegations to resume dialogue and cooperation with the African country. All to avoid damaging useful relations

On Wednesday, the first contingent of the Africa Corps, part of the Russian Defense Ministry, arrived in Niamey, accompanied by equipment designed to ensure the security of Niger’s airspace.

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