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Two judges arrested in Russia for corruption and links to Caucasian terrorists



As reported by Kommersant, FSB agents arrested former Ingushetia Supreme Court judge Sergei Boychuk and former president of the same republic’s Magas District Court, Magomed Aushev.

According to investigators, after receiving a bribe from businessman Adam Kartoev, they made a series of decisions in favor of members of the criminal group linked to Batal-Khadzhi Belkhoroev, recognized as a terrorist association and banned in Russia. Among other things, Sergei Boychuk was seeking to become one of the leaders of the Zaporozhye regional court in occupied Ukraine.

Kartoev, through companies linked to Belkhoroev and his terrorist group, was investing in Ingushetia’s capital, Madas, mainly focusing on real estate such as parking lots and luxury homes. Meanwhile, he had intervened on behalf of Aushev to ease his own nephew’s position in a series of criminal matters.

The two judges are then accused of obstructing justice on a number of serious crimes and investigations, again related to Ingushetia and the Caucasian Mafia, including the possession of explosives and the construction of dangerous devices, such as bombs and the like, allegedly used in attacks related to criminal activities.

Belkhoroev, the leader of the Batalkhadzhin religious clan, is regarded as a true boss of the Caucasus and a very powerful and dangerous individual. He was detained by the FSB as early as 2022.

This incident suggests that the authorities are taking a very hard line against terrorist and criminal organizations that, regrettably, are widespread throughout Russia and have ties to the legal system. This is evident in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Crocus exhibition center outside of Moscow.


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