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Algerian wanted for terrorism arrested in the Milan underground



When Italian officers apprehended him, he began shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ on multiple occasions. Repeatedly reaching into his backpack, he attempted to retrieve a knife featuring a 12-centimetre blade, fortunately without success. The individual in question is a 37-year-old Algerian citizen who was detained by the authorities in Milan due to an international arrest warrant issued for his involvement in a terrorist organization. His presence in Italy had not been previously disclosed as he had been evading authorities and residing in the country unlawfully.

The incident occurred on 29th August but has only recently been disclosed in November, likely to allow for further investigation by the Italian Secret Service. The man, identified as Chouial Yassin, was detained during an underground check at Cadorna station. He displayed aggressive behavior immediately, ‘repeatedly shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ while attempting to retrieve what was later revealed to be a knife from his backpack.’

Subsequently, the man was arrested for resisting a public official and carrying a knife. Following this, he was taken to the police station, where Digos agents confirmed that he was wanted by Algerian authorities for his suspected involvement with Islamic State militias since 2015 and his activities in the Syrian-Iraqi war zone.

The 37-year-old, who had not been previously known to the Italian authorities, was incarcerated in San Vittore pending extradition to Algeria. However, the necessary documentation from his home country did not arrive on time. Consequently, after the expiration of the 40-day period, he was released and transferred to a Detention Centre for Foreigners (CPR) due to his homelessness and irregular status. Upon the arrival of the documents in Italy, the 37-year-old was returned to San Vittore, restarting the extradition process.

During the subsequent appeal hearing, which took place a month ago, Chouial Yassin claimed to have been living in Italy for a year as a street vendor, residing in an occupied area of Lampugnano. He emphasized his affection for Italy and did not oppose extradition, an action for which the Ministry of Justice had already given a positive recommendation. The extradition is scheduled to take place on 22nd November.

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