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Is the Vatican becoming a new North Korea?



Behind the lionine walls, there is an air of tension and suspicion. Leaks, detentions, tight controls—the Vatican seems to be experiencing a North Korea-like climate with disturbing parallels to repressive regimes. “Messa in Latino“, the Vatican fact-finding website, reports this. All this happens after the fall of Bishop Galantino.

The situation is so serious, creating an atmosphere of suspicion, that by now many employees have two phones because they are sure of being wiretapped. Even in the Pope’s state, internet connections are no longer used, except for official communications, because they know they are being wiretapped. A very bad climate has been established by the current papacy.

Leaks and detentions:

The Vatican gendarmerie has long been busy investigating leaks mainly involving the Fabbrica di San Pietro, the Basilica itself, and the Vicariate. For the benefit, it seems, of a Vatican gossip blog.

Msgr. Mauro N., officials Antonio G. and Patrizio M. (secretaries to a high prelate of the basilica), were detained and their devices seized for investigation. One of them was reportedly detained for several hours.

Tense atmosphere after the change of archpriest:

The rise of Card. Gambetti in place of Card. Comastri as Archpriest of the Vatican Basilica has brought with it a tense atmosphere. MiL reported the “commissioning” of the Chapter of Canons, the prohibition of private masses (including many traditional ones), and the obligation to concelebrate. Added to this are complaints about the degradation of the basilica.

Controls and eavesdropping:

Vatican officials with dual cell phones, spasmodic attention to the use of emails, chats and phone calls, and environmental eavesdropping: a climate of control pervades the Vatican. “Private” conversations move out of the offices into the bars of Borgo Pio, that is, the neighborhood of Rome that is next to Varticano, which is not part of it, and where therefore eavesdropping takes place only if the Italian authorities so wish.

Case in point:

A senior Vicariate official was demoted over confidences her maid reported to Francis about the subject’s private comments about the Holy Father. No criticism is allowed, despite the fact that even St. Peter’s itself now reportedly no longer shines in cleanliness. There have also been many restrictions on religious celebrations in the cathedral, and what happens is strictly controlled.

By now, the situation is no longer reminiscent of a free and liberal country but of communist regimes The situation is reminiscent of the movie “The Lives of Others,” set in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall, where the Stasi controlled the lives of citizens.

Why is the Pope, or rather, the curia that surrounds and supports him ? Are they so impervious to criticism that they have to impose a police state? Which, then, reduced to Vatican territory, works until someone decides to get out and go to the bar.

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