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Restoration Nature Act, an European Law dangerous for Europan people



Cynical and baroque Fate has seen to it that the passing of the “Restoration Nature Act,” the one that would like rivers to remain untouched, corresponded with violent floods in northern Italy avoided precisely because of that regulation of their course that the rule would like to prohibit. An activity that man has been doing since the time of the Sumerians and ancient Egyptians would come to be banned because it would prevent the “restoration of the natural course of rivers.”

Recall that this law would require 20 percent of the Union’s territory to return to the wild, but this also means prohibiting, for a large part of a scarce territory, hydrological maintenance and preservation activities. In a country traversed by mountains, letting landslides, even large ones, disrupt the orography or letting torrential streams run free even when damaging. The Nature Law, to be clear, would have prevented the birth of Venice, a miracle of man wrested from the sea and the swamp.

The PD, the Italian leftist party part of the European Socialists, voted for the law. Yet if there have been disasters in Emilia Romagna and there have not been in Veneto, it is precisely because the former, governed by the PD, carried out the work of securing and creating the lamination basins in a very sloppy way, while the latter completed them on time.

Floods in Italy

The rule seems to have been written in Brussels on the basis of the great rivers of central Europe, not of Italy’s short and tumultuous waterways, where letting the river go its own way means sacrificing, if it goes well, arable land, and if it goes badly, erasing human life. Among other things, we talk, often out of hand, about climate change and preventive, or damage-reducing, measures of the same: dams are not water reserves needed either in times of drought or to regulate rivers when there are floods.

We now have an ideology in charge that protects any species except European man, who seems instead to be mistreated and destined for extinction. Do cities thousands of years old, such as those in the Po Valley, and the works that created them, have the same dignity as a beaver building its own dam? Or is man, especially European man, always evil, even when he acts in his own territory? Thousands of years spent to make healthy, malaria-free, now fertile plains will have to be thrown to the wind because a Brussels bureaucrat wants it that way. I hope you are all ready for this.

A stupid European law will force Italian citizens to live in uncertainty and unhealthiness, all with the support of the left and, I’m sorry, of a patrol of centrists who allowed the rule to be passed, despite the fact that, in theory, they said they were against it. Yet in Europe, half of agriculture is up in arms against stupid EU regulations that want to sacrifice our primary sector to make us import everything from abroad.

The balance between man and nature is not achieved by driving out the former but by achieving a just balance between agricultural activities and nature. It seems, however, that the maximalism of those who have never seen a canal or a barn is bound to win.

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