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Tradition and innovation. The explosive mix of Italian Patisserie success



From the countryside of Veneto to the world, producing the iconin seasonal Italian sweets, from Panettone to Pandoro for Christmas to Colomba for Easter.

This is a story of success out of the ordinary, and it is the story of Loison, a patissery born in 1938 and more alive than ever today, because real Italy is made of this, of tradition mixed with innovation.

New panettone flavors. A page dedicated to the company on Wikipedia, with the history of Loison and the long list of awards and recognitions obtained over the years. A brand skill for Alexa, which allows you to discover in detail the various products and find the cake that best suits your taste. And more. “We are already registering the first purchases made through Alexa,” Dario Loison, who has always been a great supporter of “digital thinking,” thanks to which the confectionery company from Costabissara, in the province of Vicenza, has experienced “great growth” in the two years of the pandemic, amounting to +50% in 2021 compared to the previous year, told ItaliaOggi. And “2023 is a year of consolidation: as of October 30, all last year’s numbers are confirmed,” Loison explained.

“After enhancing the brand, we now have major investments planned to give digital value to Loison and go beyond the 4.0 company,” added the entrepreneurial pastry chef. Starting with a new software for B2B “all made by us, through which we are able to create an even closer relationship with customers, facilitating their decision making and forecast analysis thanks to greater transparency and speed of information.”

Meanwhile, export countries have grown, now numbering about 70, with major developments in China, where “next year we will launch an interesting project,” and the Arab Emirates. “Exports exceed 65 percent of our turnover. We move with a high-end product on a premium segment and in the gift area, because high-end has also become a representative gift. Preferred channel are high-end restaurants, 5-star hotels and gourmet stores. Last year we recorded 8.5 million euros in exports: not bad for a food company with its own brand.” An achievement that, according to Dario Loison, is also due to the fact that, “thanks to digital, we manage customers directly, without intermediaries. The customer service office employs six people who speak at least two foreign languages,” he pointed out.

The company’s Winter catalog, a whopping 175 pages, features a wide selection of flavors and collections (17 Christmas ones, divided into four lines: Top, Magnum, Confectionery, Tuttigiorni). “A titanic work that is renewed twice a year, in winter and spring, following the approach of fashion houses with their collections,” and focused on the company’s new products, for which 2023 is the year of chocolate. And the two new panettone cakes are precisely based on the so-called food of the gods: Chocolate Pear (with sulfite-free Williams pears) and Chocolate Orange (with Sicilian oranges): “Chocolate in various sizes: small, medium and large drops to offer a diversified sensation to the palate, because dessert must be satisfying.” And not only for the palate but also for the eyes, thanks to the graphics of the catalog, available in both print and online versions, and the limited editions, designed by Sonia Design, the division headed by Sonia Pilla that renews the look of the product every year.

And then, since in 2024 Easter falls early, at the end of March, “we are already producing the first Colombe,” Dario Loison concluded.


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