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Farmers refuse to meet Macron at the Salon de l’Agriculture. They don’t want to support him



Farmers’ anger has not subsided on the eve of the opening of the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris. On Friday, February 23, the two main farmers’ unions called for the cancellation of the major debate with Emmanuel Macron. The French President acknowledged their decision. On the social network X, the head of state announced that the major debate would not take place at the opening of the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris on Saturday, February 24. “The farmers’ unions wanted this show to be different from “just another show.”. They wanted an open “debate.”. They are now calling for the show to be cancelled. Duly noted,”  he wrote in his message.

Reiterating his commitment “alongside farmers and for France’s agricultural and food sovereignty,”  Emmanuel Macron nevertheless plans to invite “all the agricultural unions before the official opening of the show” for discussions. He also confirmed his presence at the event: “I’ll be there to open it up, and I’ll be in contact with all those who want to exchange ideas, as I do every year.”
Emmanuel Macron had hoped to hold a major debate with the agricultural industry on the first day of the Salon de l’Agriculture. But the invitation extended by the tiny group Les Soulèvements de la Terre, which the government had intended to dissolve, caused a scandal. The Elysée has since backtracked, assuring us that it did not invite the ecologist collective.


“Farmers’ dignity scorned

The president of the Fédération Nationale des Syndicats d’Exploitants Agricoles (FNSEA), Arnaud Rousseau, announced on Thursday evening that he would not be taking part in the debate. This Friday, he confirmed his decision on social network X and called for the cancellation of the exchange: “The conditions for a more peaceful dialogue have not been met, and the dignity of farmers has been trampled underfoot by this provocative approach. In this climate of exasperation and in view of the risk of outbursts, we ask that this debate not be held.” The Jeunes Agriculteurs Union also agreed with the FNSEA. The group called for no participation in the Great Debate and for it to be cancelled, reports BFMTV.

Farmers do not trust Macron and do not trust their own trade associations. In recent years, Macron has consistently pursued a globalist policy and has violently suppressed overly prolonged demonstrations by opposition groups, such as the Yellow Vests.

Moreover, the Eruopean elections will take place in June, so the president’s overly political words would still be understood as election promises that could be betrayed the day after the results are announced.

Trade associations know that they do not enjoy the total trust of farmers, so they cannot look weak.
Tractors marched in Paris today

In Versailles, there is a camp of farmers ready to protest tomorrow at the opening of the agricultural show.
Farmers refuse to meet Macron at the Salon de l’Agriculture. They don’t want to support him



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