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Hybrid Ferrari worth 300.000 Euros catches fire in Venice



A hybrid Ferrari destined for the prestigious “Ferrari Cavalcade 2024” race was destroyed by fire on the overpass connecting Venice and Mestre. The driver, fortunately unharmed, noticed warning signs and promptly abandoned the vehicle before the flames completely enveloped it. The cost of the car was over 300.000 euros.

The timely intervention of firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to other vehicles but could not save the supercar, which was reduced to ashes within minutes. The incident deeply shook the owner, who had meticulously prepared for his participation in the race. Bystanders were amazed and terrified by the incredible fire.

The incident casts a shadow of concern over the “Ferrari Cavalcade 2024” event, highlighting the unpredictable risks that can compromise even the most exclusive and expensive cars. The relevant authorities have launched investigations to determine the cause of the fire by analyzing the charred remains of the Ferrari. No other Ferrari took fire, especially the one not hybrid.

This dramatic episode, which will remain etched in the memory of witnesses, underscores the fragility of material goods and the unpredictability of life, showing that even the power and beauty of supercars can be annihilated by the destructive force of fire.

Italian newspapers titled the event in this way:

Maranello’s car factory: “We are cooperating with local authorities.”. Perhaps to identify and arrest those who designed this machine…

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