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Macron is reportedly planning an administrative coup according to Marine Le Pen



Speaking on France Inter on Tuesday, July 2, Marine Le Pen said that Emmanuel Macron is planning to make a wave of appointments before a possible cohabitation, including the heads of the national police and gendarmerie, in order to “prevent Jordan Bardella from governing the country as he wishes.”

Is Emmanuel Macron plotting an ‘administrative coup’? At least, that is what Marine Le Pen said on France Inter’s morning program Tuesday, July 2. According to the newly re-elected Pas-de-Calais MP, the head of state is preparing to make a wave of appointments with a view to possible cohabitation.

“There are rumors that the President of the Republic is planning to appoint the Director General of the National Police tomorrow, four days before the second round, when he was supposed to stay until the end of the Olympic Games, and the Director of the National Gendarmerie,” said the chairwoman of the Rassemblement National (RN) group in the National Assembly. She continued, outraged in advance, “For people who give lessons in democracy to the whole world, it is surprising to act in this way.”

For Marine Le Pen, the Macronist strategy is clear: “to prevent Jordan Bardella from governing the country as he wishes,” in case the far-right party wins a majority in the second round of legislative elections. Moreover, in case of a relative majority, the deputy assures that the RN president will not agree to govern. A choice he had already announced before the first round of the legislative elections.

We are ready to govern. Le Pen says

“We cannot agree to go into government if we cannot act,” Marine Le Pen insists. The newly re-elected Pas-de-Calais deputy stressed that the RN is not ready to govern “if we cannot change the current policy” and if that means “going to government just to sit in a minister’s chair.”

However, Marine Le Pen insists that her party is “ready” to govern. “We want to be there,” she repeats repeatedly. In the aftermath of the first round, she is looking to the Republicans, hoping that some of those still running, such as their president, Éric Ciotti, will join forces with the far right. A maneuver that could allow the party with the flame to win an absolute majority.

Will this search for alliances go as far as the withdrawal of some RN candidates in favor of the Republicans? “Withdrawal and voting instructions are the worst kind of contempt for the electorate,” says the three-time France Inter presidential candidate, who believes “these elections are an emancipation of the French people.” As a reminder, her party is the main target of withdrawal instructions-along with La France Insoumise-from the presidential majority.

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