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“Dossier” scandal is expanding in Italy and involves foreign secret services. This scandal can explain Italian politics



The dossier scandal that is shaking the credibility of the Italian judiciary is not fading away; indeed, it is widening after the first testimony of finance lieutenant Pascuqale Striano, who allegedly illicitly consulted confidential financial information on Italian politicians, especially center-right ones, and other celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo. The scandal is so huge that it could explain many mysterious decisions in recent Italian history.

There is growing evidence that the case of Lieutenant Striano is not unique and that a group of the Guardia di Finanza, Italy’s financial police, was involved in a widespread system of selling reports of suspicious financial transactions, or SOS as they are known in the language. This group of military personnel would even have a name, “Squadra Fiore.” “Fiore, Flower, Squad.”.  The latter, described as a kind of spectacle—that’s how Il Giornale defines it—composed of former military personnel, disloyal employees of ministries and Palazzo Chigi, and outside consultants, seems to have been coordinated through sophisticated means and encrypted communications. A veritable illegal secret service is spying on Italian politicians and important figures.

According to editor Fabrizio Gatti, the investigation reveals an organization operating with code names and encrypted chats run by a French intelligence firm based in Rome. These individuals allegedly had access to tools such as cars with blue police lights and ministerial paddles to spy on the financial and personal movements of political and other figures, then sold this information, including abroad, at considerable prices. According to Today, this organization linked to French services would go so far as to personally spy on Italian politicians and businessmen to see the only secrets to Italian and foreign organizations

Also, according to, the French intelligence services allegedly paid 250,000 euros for a series of pieces of information on Italian politicians and businessmen, complete with a contract and an advance payment of 180,000 euros. Officially, the contract is for generic information activities, but no one pays these figures for public information. These secrets are then used to create dossiers to blackmail politicians and businessmen.

The testimonies of some anonymous informants seem to confirm the seriousness of the ongoing illicit activities. Exclusive SOS codes and other confidential information were made available to investigative journalists, which the relevant authorities could easily verify.

The implications of this other scandal—Striano would not be part of it; in fact, it would go far beyond his figure—are enormous, potentially undermining national security and putting important financial transactions and investments at risk. The call for a serious and comprehensive investigation seems inevitable to shed light on this murky web of illicit activity.

Probably this network is capable of explaining 90 percent of what has hitherto been unexplained in Italian politics.

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