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Fleximan is also a video game. A weird hero of popular culture




Fleximan, the Italian anti-superhero who became infamous because he shoots down speed cameras, has now also become a video game on Steam.

Announced more than a month ago, the video game based on this famous Italian character became available on the platform a few days ago.

As in reality, the game’s protagonist goes around the city and must succeed in cutting down or damaging speed cameras that harass citizens. In Italy, these instruments are particularly hated, not least because the number of speed detectors on the peninsula is a European and perhaps even world record.

However, the game is not the only popular tribute paid to the destroyer of public property; there are also music videos that have taken it as inspiration.

Obviously, no one wants to endorse the actions of a vandal who destroys public property, but of course, it would be useful to have a system of public control over these devices. Speed cameras cannot become a way for modern-day Sheriffs of Nottingham to fund themselves.
In fact, the Italian Ministry of Transportation is trying to curb this craze.

However, Italy is a tired country with little hope, and, politically, there are still smoldering embers of anger and discontent under the ashes of disillusionment. Fleximan is a product of this.

When people feel increasingly poor, and see no hope for the future, the results can only be extreme.

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