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Fleximan is Fleximan strikes again, and now operates throughout Italy. Where it will strike in the future



Fleximan, the sworn enemy of Italian speed cameras, strikes again; indeed, he is certainly creating copycats because, taking into account the spread of destruction of installations, either we are dealing with multiple gangs spread across the territory or we are really dealing with someone with superpowers.

Fleximan is the person, or persons, who are cutting down speed camera posts. He obviously commits a crime, promptly driven by exasperation at the ubiquitous presence of these ticket dispensers. The phenomenon began in the Veneto region, especially in the provinces of Rovigo and Padua, and spread elsewhere. A community of rebels striking in the country with the largest number of speed detectors in Europe.

By now, the phenomenon of destroying speed cameras has spread throughout Italy; in fact, the 21st speed camera taken down is located in Umbria, specifically on State Road 3 Flaminia, which connects Rome with Fano, at the junction of Eggi, a stone’s throw from Spoleto. Here, too, the detector pole has been knocked down, and now it will not be able to make the 100 or so fines a day it previously did.

The 22nd instead went even further south, to Abruzzo. In Giulianova, a fixed, low-speed camera has been knocked down and has been tipped over to the side of the road. So by now, Fleximan has crossed the borders of northern Italy. Where will it strike next?

Fleximan’s next targets.

We asked AI Gemini what the next targets might be according to what “hits” have already been made. The answer was as follows:


  • A4 between Padua and Venice
  • A31 between Valdagno and Vicenza
  • SS11 Padana Superiore


  • A4 between Milan and Brescia
  • A1 between Milan and Bologna
  • SS36 of Lake Como and Spluga


  • A4 between Turin and Milan
  • A26 between Genoa and Alessandria
  • SS10 Padana Inferiore

In addition to these areas, Fleximan could also hit in:

  • Other regions of Italy have a high number of speed cameras, such as Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.
  • Areas with particularly dangerous roads, such as the SS1 Aurelia or the SS18 Tirrenica,.

However, no area can be said to be safe from Fleximan, which strikes where least expected. Fleximan could be anyone.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Aquila della notte

    February 11, 2024 at 11:33 pm

    Purtroppo troppo spesso gli autovelox servono solo a fare cassa!

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