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Fleximan strikes again, but also authorites are fighting back



Fleximan exits Veneto and spreads first to Romagna, then across Europe, hitting the speedcameras everywhere he can. Fleximan and associates struck in Russi, in the province of Ravenna, in North Italy. In the night, a speed camera was sawed off at the base, again with fleximan, on the San Vitale road that connects Bologna to Ravenna, not far from Monaldina.

Local police are investigating, but this is the fifth case in the area, after Sant’Alberto, Osteria, Castel Bolognese, and Faenza. Not for nothing were these areas also those of the infamous “Passatore,” the outlaw, who in the first half of the 19th century terrorized these lands that were not yet Italy but who knew how to buy the support of the people.  The other cuts happened on the outskirts of Sant’Alberto on Mandriole Street, in Osteria, Castel Bolognese, and Faenza.

Stefano Pelloni, AKA “Il Passatore”

In fact, the lack of love for speed detectors is spreading a bit throughout Europe, where, however, Italy still holds the record for the number of speed cameras installed. Last week, opponents of the automatic payment system set fire to the speed camera on the RD347 in La Chaussee, France. The same fate befell the speed camera on RD 120 near Saint-Paul-des-Lande on the same day. Also on Thursday, an unhappy face was taped onto the target of the speed camera in Charleville-Mezieres. On Monday, January 30, the speed camera on the RD955 in Sancerre went up in flames. On Saturday, January 27, bales of hay covered the speed camera on the RD1 in Maleville. On Saturday, January 27, two anonymous vigilantes disabled the speed camera on Bruderstrasse in Ludenscheid, Germany. In short, Fleximan crosses borders, but let’s remember that these are still acts of vandalism that will be affected by the law

The authorities strike back

However, the constituted authorities that install speed cameras act severely in Veneto. In Villa del Conte, the association of Camposampierese municipalities, even without hearing from the municipality of Villa del Conte itself, reinstalled the speed camera that had been one of the first victims of Fleximan. At the same time, in the province of Venice, it was decided to install as many as four new fixed-speed cameras, all to protect motorists.

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