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Italy lost in soccer as it lost in economy and wealth, with autogoal



The Azzurri, the Italian soccer team, lost by one-nil to a Spain team in great form, even though, on the part of the Italian team, the difference in play was remarkable.

However, Italy lost as it has always done in the last 30 years; it did so with an own goal, with defender Calafiori deflecting a ball into his own goal, managing to put excellent goalkeeper Donnarumma offside.

Italy has been losing by autogoal for 30 years, in fact for more than 30 years, since, in order to impose an external constraint on its national economic policies and thus prevent the growth of a new middle class that would really want to take over the country’s leadership, the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992 that imposed entry into the Euro and laid the foundation for the single currency.

It was a real self-destructive moves, the beginning of Italy’s social and economic decline. That choice was greeted with jubilation by German businessmen, who thus eliminated a dangerous competitor. That first self-goal was followed by many others, from accepting tighter budget constraints in 2011 to the various laws that took away protection from labor to the gradual destruction of the national health care system.

Italy even passively let France and the U.S. divest a friendly government in Libya, only to eventually leave the country to undemocratic governments controlled by Turkey and Russia. Then we cannot forget the signing of the ESM, the acceptance of the latest budget regulations and all the various anti-industrial regulations created by the EU.

Italy loses by self-goal because, with a sense of moral inferiority instilled by the left, it always accepts to do what others want, always seen as more morally pure. We made self-goals in defense without ever attacking, exactly as in yesterday’s game

Now the Italian team had to win by necessity with Croatia if it wanted to continue at the European Championship. Italians often give their best when put with their backs against the wall. We will see if this will be the case this time as well, both in soccer and in politics. Because of self-goals, Italy, as a nation, has its back against the wall and is, quite literally, on the verge of extinction.

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