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The famous Campari brand under indictment in Italy for tax evasion, up to a billion Euro



In Italy, the left attacks small businesses from morning to night, but the real evaders are quite different. The Italian branch of Lagfin Sca, the holding company based in Luxembourg that owns most of the Campari group, is accused of committing a billion-dollar tax evasion between 2018 and 2022.

This is the accusation of the economic-financial police nucleus of the Milan Guardia di Finanza that led the Milan prosecutor’s office to open an investigation with allegations of omitted tax declarations and false tax declarations.

Under the direction of assistant prosecutor Eugenio Fusco, prosecutors Enrico Pavone and Bianca Maria Eugenia Baj Macario have registered the two legal representatives of Lagfin in the register of suspects.

The tax base on which taxes would not be paid would amount to 5 billion euros. The company actually generated the income in Italy but then transferred it to Luxembourg to avoid Italian income taxation

Over the past few years, the Milan prosecutor’s office, both under the leadership of prosecutor Marcello Viola and with his predecessor Francesco Greco, has carried out numerous investigations in the sector, hitting multinationals with billion-dollar turnovers. The latest is the one on Airbnb, but many other Italian companies that have moved their headquarters abroad, especially to Ireland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, are now at risk of being investigated.


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