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Returns up to 24%: the 15 best stock as profit payout on Milan Stock exchange



Italian Stock Exchange
Italian Stock Exchange (© Depositphotos)

Investing in stocks with higher dividends is among the trading strategies to achieve passive income while simultaneously diversifying your portfolio. There’s nothing wrong with seeking a fixed income through stocks instead of engaging in daily trading.

The Milan Stock Exchange can assist in this regard, despite not being a large stock market. In general, the IT40 index, comprising the 40 most capitalized companies, has risen from 23,363 points on January 2nd to 29,486 points on Friday, the 17th, showing a significant increase of 26.22%.

Now, let’s consider companies that have planned, since their listing, the distribution of part of the profits obtained during the year, with a dividend payment occurring annually, quarterly, or semi-annually.

Several companies allow you, as a shareholder, to earn additional income based on the number of shares you hold. In this article, we have examined the companies in the Milan Stock Exchange and the FTSE MIB index to identify the highest dividends in Italy.

You’ll find a ranking of the top 15 listed companies that offer attractive profit distribution, along with a brief analysis of their annual performance and the dividend amount.

Top 15 stocks on Milan stock exchange

Stock name Ticker Payout per stock Yield  
Autostrade Meridionali AUTME 3,50 € 24%
Stellantis STLAM 1,34 € 7,10%
Azimut AZM 1,30 € 5,96%
Generali Ass G 1,16 € 5,40%
UniCredit UCG 0,99 € 4,00%
Eni ENI 0,88 € 5,92%
Poste Italiane PST 0,65 € 6,41%
Mediolanum BMED 0,50 € 5,87%
Fineco Bank FBK 0,49 € 3,91%
Enel ENEL 0,40 € 6,40%
Snam SRG 0,28 € 6,20%
Intesa Sanpaolo ISP 0,16 € 6,20%
Leonardo LDO 0,14 € 5,85%
BPER Banca BPE 0,12 € 3,37%
A2A A2A 0,09 € 4,80%

The selection of the top 15 Italian dividend stocks was based on the analysis of:

  1. Annual dividend amount.
  2. Yield.
  3. Financial performance of the company.
  4. Earnings forecasts.

The data provided refers to the share of profits distributed in the fiscal year 2022, based on the decisions of the respective Boards of Directors made in the current year, with profits paid from January onward. For all analyzed stocks, the ex-dividend date and payment have already occurred.

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